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Used to provide a (short) explanation or description of a wiki part.

Information.png Note: The characteristics of this property are visible in the factbox below. This is a built-in property, you shouldn't change it!

„True“ ist kein Wahrheitswert (wahr/falsch).

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! +Help template to print out the pipesymbol.  +


ASF sandbox +This is the sandbox article for the Automatic Semantic Forms extension.  +
All content bundles +Find here all content bundles that are installed in this Wiki  +
Allows value +This is the build-in property "Allows value". It contains a possible value of a property. You can specify multiple values by adding multiple annotations.  +
Articlesanddata +This article is the "Articles and data" menu.  +
Automaticsemanticforms +This content bundle contains Property articles, which are used by the Automatic Semantic Forms extension. This content bundle is optional. The Automatic Semantic Forms extension also works without it  +


Bundle uses namespace prefix +Specifies a prefix that is used for each article in this bundle.  +


Call +Which number should be called in a phone call. (This property is used by the Automatic Semantic Forms sandbox.)  +
Category +You should use this template to provide your wiki-community with a proper documentation of the categories used in the wiki.  +
Category +Categories are used as universal "tags" for articles, describing that the article belongs to a certain group of articles.  +
Category has icon +This is a special property to assign an icon to a category. This icon is displayed in search results and autocompletion.  +
Content +This category is used for classifying (textual) content which does not fit in any of the other categories.  +
Content bundle +This category is used to identify a content bundle.  +
Create content for Halopageoptions +This template generates a link in the "content navigation" box allowing to create new content and attach it to any other article.  +
Creation date +This is the build-in property "Creation date". It contains the date a article was created. This property is set automatically.  +
Creator +This is the build-in property "Creator". It contains the name of the user who has created the article. This property is set automatically.  +


Datawiki +This bundle contains a set of articles that is needed to run DataWiki. It also contains dependencies to make sure that all (software-)parts of DataWiki are installed.  +
Datawikisandbox +This sandbox is shipped with DataWiki. It provides a "Getting Started" guide for first time users.  +
Datawikisandbox +This article is the "Get started with DataWiki" menu.  +
Datawikisandbox/Assigned to +Used to define a task assignee.  +
Datawikisandbox/Basic Wiki-maintenance +This article explains what to do after the installation has been completed.  +
Datawikisandbox/Create a data model +This article explains how to create and edit own datamodel with the DataExplorer GUI.  +
Datawikisandbox/Create articles +This article is the second sandbox of the DataWiki sandbox tour. It gives some basic hints to the WYSIWYG editor, provides demo content elements and an area where users can check out the editor and play with the content elements.  +
Datawikisandbox/End date +Used to define the deadline of a task.  +
Datawikisandbox/Project +This category contains all projects used in the sandbox.  +
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Fakten zu „RationaleRDF-Feed
Has domain and rangeWiki part (?) + und Content bundle (?) +
Has max cardinality1 +
Has min cardinality1 +
No automatic formedit
Part of bundleDatawiki +
RationaleUsed to provide a (short) explanation or description of a wiki part. +
DatentypDieses Attribut ist ein Spezialattribut in diesem Wiki.Zeichenkette +
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