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Used to provide a (short) explanation or description of a wiki part.

Information.png Note: The characteristics of this property are visible in the factbox below. This is a built-in property, you shouldn't change it!

„True“ ist kein Wahrheitswert (wahr/falsch).

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Datawikisandbox/Query for data +This article is the second sandbox of the Datawiki sandbox tour. It gives some basic hints to the Query Interface, provides demo content elements and an area where users can check out the editor and play with the content elements.  +
Datawikisandbox/Related to project +Used to define the project associated to a task.  +
Datawikisandbox/Start date +Used to define the start date of a task.  +
Datawikisandbox/Tag data +This article is the second lession of the DataWiki sandbox tour. It contains a step-by-step guide for new users about how to enter the first annotation into this wiki, how to query for it, and how to embed query results in the article.  +
Datawikisandbox/Task +This category represents Tasks. It is part of the Datawikisandbox.  +
Datawikisandbox/What you should do next +This article gives directions for how to extend the wiki and how to learn from examples.  +
Delimiter +Users may enter several values in a fprm input field for a property in an automatically created Semantic Form. Use the ''delimiter'' annotation to choose the delimiter  +
Demowiki +This is the Main page of the demowiki installation.  +
Dependency +Specifies another WikiApp (or content bundle or ontology) and its allowed version range that is required for this WikiApp.  +


Entity +Denotes the default root concept of the built-in ontology.  +


Field sequence number +The Automatic Semantic Forms Extension orders form input fields for properties alphabetically. Use the ''Field sequence number'' annotation on property articles to reorder their form input fields.  +
Firstname +Denotes the first name of a person.  +
Form +This template is used to display meta data of a Semantic Form.  +
Form +This category is used to allow easy bookkeeping of manually created Forms. You should always assign your manually created Forms to this category.   +
Form input help +Use this property to annotate a property if you want that a help icon with a help message appears next to the form input field of the property in an automatically created Semantic Form.  +
Form input label +Use this property to annotate a property article if you want to choose an alternative label for its form input field in an automatically created Semantic Form.  +
Forms/Generate form field including PAGENAME +This template generates a form field containing the pagename of the article.  +


Get value from list +This template is useful if you have a list of values separated by an arbitrary delimiter (e.g. ",") and you need a value at a particular position in the list.  +


Halopageoptions +This article represents the "more"-menu.  +
Has default form +Pre-defined property which associates a category, a namespace or a single wiki page with a default form.  +
Has domain +This is the predefined property "Has domain" that is needed to specify the domain of a property.  +
Has domain and range +This is the build-in property "Has domain and range". It is used to assign properties to categories.  +
Has fields +This is the predefined property "Has fields" that is used to specify the type of the slots of records.  +
Has improper value for +This is the built-in property "Has improper value for". It helps to keep track of input errors in a wiki when values that are assigned to some property are invalid. This property is set automatically.  +
Has range +This is the predefined property "Has range" that is needed to specify the range-category of a property of type "Page".  +
(vorherige 25) (nächste 25)
Fakten zu „RationaleRDF-Feed
Has domain and rangeWiki part (?) + und Content bundle (?) +
Has max cardinality1 +
Has min cardinality1 +
No automatic formedit
Part of bundleDatawiki +
RationaleUsed to provide a (short) explanation or description of a wiki part. +
DatentypDieses Attribut ist ein Spezialattribut in diesem Wiki.Zeichenkette +
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