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Query For Remote Data with



SPARQL is an acronym that stands for SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language. It is considered a key semantic web technology that allows for a query to consist of triple patterns, conjunctions, disjunctions, and optional patterns. DataWiki allows you to query remote data sources that expose their data with "SPARQL endpoints", i.e. a (referenceable) web resource and knowledge base that enables users (human or other) to query via the SPARQL 1.1 language. There is a growing number of endpoints providing huge amounts of data in manifold domains. This sandbox contains examples of what kinds of queries and visualizations are possible with DataWiki.

Information.png Note: This sandbox requires the TripleStore basic or professional.
Examples for queries formulated in SPARQL 1.1 that fetch data from remote sources
  • Farm Employees - This query lists the number of employees on British farms.
  • Farm Types - These queries show number of different farm types in Great Britain over time.
  • NewYork places - Gives you a google map indicating places within a 20 kilometers radius of New York City (ATTENTION: loading time is ca. 2 minutes!)
The following pages contain queries against the CIA World Factbook.
  • Govermental forms - This query results in nice plots about the distribution of governmental forms world-wide and in Europe
  • Electricity production Netherlands - Did you know that under 5 per cent of Netherlands electricity production is nuclear based?
  • CIA Factbook - Delivers all countries on earth with their capitals and population. China has the most inhabitants in the world: 1.3 billion people.
  • CIA Factbook 2 - Short descriptions of many countries of the world covering historical and political background.
Information.png Note: The SPARQL endpoint used on these pages is currently off-line.
Technical information
  • Maintainer:DIQA GmbH
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Patch level: 6
  • Installation dir: extensions/Sparqlsandbox
  • Dependencies:
    • semanticmaps (1.0.5, ?)
    • semanticresultformats (1.6.2, ?)
    • Datawiki (1.7.1, ?)
    • tsc (1.7.1, ?)
  • This sandbox provides examples for demonstrating the power of SPARQL querying of SPARQL endpoints in combination with a TripleStore.


Fakten zu „SparqlsandboxRDF-Feed
Dependencysemanticmaps (1.0.5, ?) +, semanticresultformats (1.6.2, ?) +, Datawiki (1.7.1, ?) + und tsc (1.7.1, ?) +
Installation dirextensions/Sparqlsandbox +
MaintainerDIQA GmbH +
Ontology version1.2.0 +
Part of bundleSparqlsandbox +
Patchlevel6 +
RationaleThis sandbox provides examples for demonstrating the power of SPARQL querying of SPARQL endpoints in combination with a TripleStore. +
VendorDIQA GmbH +
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