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You should always assign your templates to this category.

What are templates?
Templates are standard wiki pages whose content is designed to be transcluded (embedded) inside other pages.
How to create a template?
Templates follow a convention that the name is prefixed with "Template:", assigning it to that namespace; besides this, you can create them like any other wiki page.
Icon used for templates
Image:Smw plus template icon 100x100.gif
List of all templates
Open the special page Special:AllPages and filter for all pages in the namespace "Template": open the Special:AllPages.

„true“ ist kein Wahrheitswert (wahr/falsch).

Fakten zu „TemplateRDF-Feed
Category has iconDatei:Smw plus template icon 100x100.gif +
No automatic formedit
Part of bundleDatawiki +
RationaleYou should always assign your templates to this category. +
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