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What you should do next
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DataWiki offers unlimited possibilities. This lesson gives you directions where to find out what you can do to extend DataWiki and to get out the most of it.

Identify your goals with DataWiki

DataWiki is a highly versatile Wiki that can serve a lot of purposes and that grows with your demands. You can use it for project management, as self service portal in your enterprise or even as reporting tool for business intelligence.

We recommend that you write down your goals that you want to accomplish with this Wiki installation. In a second step you can find out if others have already done what you have in mind, i.e. if there is already a WikiApp at hand (see below!)

Draft your goals that you want to accomplish in a Wiki page:

Create article "Goals with DataWiki"

Create your datamodel

The datamodel is the core of any application with DataWiki. We recommend that once you know what you want to achieve you should start right away in casting it into a datamodel.

Open the DataExplorer to create your datamodel in this Wiki:

Open the DataExplorer

Getting More Information

  • You can get more information on DataWiki here.
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