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Find here all content bundles that are installed in this Wiki.

Click on a content bundle to inspect the associated categories, templates, forms and properties.

Automaticsemanticforms 1.2.0 This content bundle contains Property articles, which are used by the Automatic Semantic Forms extension. This content bundle is optional. The Automatic Semantic Forms extension also works without it
Datawiki 1.7.1 This bundle contains a set of articles that is needed to run DataWiki. It also contains dependencies to make sure that all (software-)parts of DataWiki are installed.
Datawikisandbox 1.7.1 This sandbox is shipped with DataWiki. It provides a "Getting Started" guide for first time users.
Demowiki 1.0.0 This is the Main page of the demowiki installation.
Http://uibk.ac.at/dialektwiki 1.0.0 This ontology bundle was imported via the Wiki Admin Tool from the ontology http://uibk.ac.at/dialektwiki#Fragebuchfassung_4.csv
Sparqlsandbox 1.2.0 This sandbox provides examples for demonstrating the power of SPARQL querying of SPARQL endpoints in combination with a TripleStore.

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