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Aims and Content

This database in the form of a Semantic Media Wiki (SMW) presents a selection of early modern works on science written in Latin along with their authors and some secondary literature. This selection does not constitute an anthology, as works famous for their authors, their groundbreaking character or other reasons are neither included nor excluded in a systematic way. Rather, the collection is intended to be representative of Latin literature’s engagement with contemporary science in terms of chronological spread, literary forms and scientific disciplines. In accordance with the project’s epistemological interest, the descriptions of the single works focus on their literary features such as structure, style and terminology. Their contents are outlined as far as necessary to that end.

The database will grow over the whole duration of the NOSCEMUS project and will comprise c. 1500 works towards its end in 2022, thus providing an overview of the many ways in which the Latin language was used to keep the reading public informed about all kinds of scientific developments in early modern times.

How to Use the Database

An alphabetical overview of the database’s content can be accessed by clicking on WorksAuthors and Secondary literature in the Content section. One can search for any desired keyword by simply typing it into the Search field in the top-righthand corner.

For searches aimed at specific kinds of works (e.g. all mathematical monographs from the 17th century), please access the Semantic drilldown (via the Content section).


This database is collectively elaborated in the context of the ERC project NOSCEMUS by:


The database is work in progress. Hints at errors and shortcomings as well as suggestions of new texts to be included and queries of any kind are always welcome. Please do not hesitate to address them to Stefan Zathammer (