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The links and sources below comprise illustrative examples of research on cases of different phenomena described as open. In addition, some students agreed to also openly share their presentations.

Open Source Software

  • Examples: Linux, Firefox
  • Benkler, Y. (2002). Coase's Penguin, or, Linux and" The Nature of the Firm". Yale Law Journal, 369-446, PDF download
  • Student presentations:

Open Education

Open Science

  • Examples: PLoS,
  • Bartling, S., & Friesike, S. (Eds., 2014): Opening Science: The Evolving Guide on How the Web is Changing Research, Collaboration and Scholarly Publishing. Springer, Online
  • Student handouts:

Open Innovation

Open Collaboration

Open Strategy

Open Government

  • Examples:, FixMyStreet
  • Janssen, M., Charalabidis, Y., & Zuiderwijk, A. (2012). Benefits, adoption barriers and myths of open data and open government. Information Systems Management, 29(4), 258-268, PDF via journal, pre-print PDF
  • Student presentations:

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